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NoFucks Bar and Grille is a virtual gathering place serving raw content food for thought.

Our virtual venue was created by word chef/owner Krisada Eaton to solve perfection paralysis.

Content is served organically raw and fresh without artificial processing.

We offer a seasonal menu of ideas that are locally harvested from other real humans whenever possible.

A Message From The WordChef / Owner

Getting started has always been a challenge for my last two over analytical brain cells.

I created No Fucks Bar & Grille to give errant thoughts and fragmented stories a place to gather in their rough and rustic form without judgement or overthinking too much of anything.

I believe: There's never a perfect time to start. So the best time is always now.

If not now...then when?
Do it now! NoFucks

I hope you find something on the menu that nurishes your soul on some level.

Thank You So Much For Visiting!
...with Much Gratitude & Love