How to UnFuck 2024. A Different Kind of New Year's Resolution For A Better Life.


An Early Goodbye To Ya, 2023's been real...

Here we go again. Warming up our goodbyes to another year gone by too quickly.

And yeah, I's only Christmas week.

We still have that dead week before New Years to contemplate all of the regrets and joys we can remember.

At least one of our social channels will be serving up highlights for us in some disjointed collage of superficial irrelevance.

But why wait?

Let's do this now.

Let's get started on the scramble between holidays to salvage what's left and make ourselves feel better for closing the book on the last 365 days.

*More importantly, let's start UnFucking 2024.


First of all, there's nothing terrible about my life.

I am awkwardly learning to mentally highlight moments of gratitude throughout my day to day life in the recognition of such.

And with not much more effort than that, I have increased the amount of joys I experienced in 2023.

This has made me acutely aware on a daily basis, that my life does not suck.

2023 Win #1 ✅ Gratitude for what I already have every day.

However there are a few things about myself ...that I would like to "adjust"....or more blatently, UnFuck.

I meeean who doesn't? right?

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